Types and technologies of electronic digital QR-business cards

Types and technologies of electronic digital QR-business cards

Electronic business cards are based on two technologies:

  1. vCard File Standard;
  2. QR code (one of the types of two-dimensional barcodes).

Additionally, the information of an electronic business card can be placed on physical media (plastic cards, key chains or QR stickers) that use such technologies as NFC, RFID, QR coding for data transmission.

Depending on the technology used, digital business cards are divided into the following types:

Electronic vCard business card

Such an electronic business card is based on the vCard file standard — a text format for exchanging electronic business cards. The vCard file consists of vCard records, each of which contains the information of one business card. A vCard record can contain a name, address, phone numbers, URL, logo, video and audio fragments, and so on. The standard is supported by all smartphone manufacturers. When you save such a file, the smartphone's operating system recognizes it and offers to save the data in contacts. The main disadvantage of such a business card is that any change in personal data will have to generate a new file.

vCard QR Business Card

This is the second type of electronic business card. By adding a QR code, you can digitize your business card. The QR code can be easily read by the mobile phone camera. Thus, the process of transferring a business card to your phone becomes outrageously simple. Point the camera at the QR-business card — and the contact details in the notebook of your phone. QR-business cards are useful not only for" consumers " of business cards, but also for their issuers, i.e. distributors. For the former, this is an easy way to add data to the general contact database, for the latter — a larger number of potential contacts. The disadvantage is that you can't add a photo to the QR code. Also, if you change the contact information, you will have to generate a new QR code of the business card.

WEB-business card or electronic / digital business card

This is an advanced version of vCard and QR business cards combined. There are already many additional convenient chips here. This type of business cards is already an IT system that allows you to create a business card and fill it with data from your personal account. The data from such a business card is saved through the same vCard file, but the solution developers add a lot of useful functionality to such business cards, and the system is able to generate a vCard based on the data in the personal account, at the time of saving the business card to contacts.

Electronic business cards from various developers contain various necessary (and not only) features (features). For example:

  • additional data fields (photos, social networks, etc.);
  • smart company address field (you can specify the official office address in the text field, but when you click on it, the system will transmit the current coordinates of the object to the navigator, and not the official address. This is invaluable when, having gone to the official address, you will get to the wrong place at all. This opportunity is also provided by our vCard electronic business card service.Shopping-online.store.).

As an addition, an electronic business card can be supplemented with an NFC card or a QR sticker. The sticker can be pasted on a smartphone or a diary to conveniently share a business card without turning on a smartphone, and you can make an individual design on an NFC card and write a link to a WEB business card, when scanning which the WEB business card will open.