What is an electronic business card (QR-business card) and its benefits for business

What is an electronic business card (QR-business card) and its benefits for business

Many of us switched to "remote" back in 2020, but no one canceled communication with customers and partners, online events and business meetings have become common practice. Naturally, there was a need for a virtual way to exchange contact information. Electronic digital business cards are increasingly gaining popularity among business people.

Electronic business card, digital business card, QR-business card, contactless business card, virtual business card, smart business card, NFC (RFID) business card — all these are different names of new solutions (we can say technologies) that allow users to conveniently share contacts without transferring a paper business card from hand to hand.

Electronic business cards, as well as paper ones, transmit information about you. But in the 21st century, they make it more convenient and practical. They work on any device: iPhone, iPad, Android or computer. Unlike paper ones, being in a smartphone, it is impossible to lose them, forget them and they will never run out. Like a regular business card, a digital (electronic) business card has its own design, but it can be shared with anyone and anytime, even at a distance. Digital business cards do not limit the space - you can add as much information to the card as you want: in addition to your usual contacts (for example, your name, company, email address and phone number) , you can supplement your electronic business card with a photo or video, a logo, social media profiles, etc.

Advantages of switching to electronic business cards for business:

Growth of the company's image component

Today, the heads of most organizations from different sectors of the economy understand how important the internal and external image of the company is when building long-term relationships with partners and customers. Electronic business cards create the image of a digital company already at the first acquaintance with a partner or client. They attract taking out and help to establish a trusting contact during the exchange. In addition, electronic business cards allow you to conveniently share social network contacts, which greatly helps in establishing trusting relationships between employees and customers.

Reducing the company's costs for printing business cards

The cost of issuing business cards for companies ranges from hundreds of thousands to millions of dollars per year for companies with hundreds and thousands of employees. Here is an example: "The total costs for 750 employees are $ 5,000. a year for electronic business cards instead of $ 13,000. per year on paper. The total cost includes the costs of printing in the printing house, transport services and the time spent by staff to support the process."

Increase in sales

Companies from completely different industries increase sales through the use of electronic business cards. Let's look at the example of business cards for a real estate agency (it was described in more detail in the article-Electronic business cards as a tool for the growth of a real estate agency).

Our analysts conducted a survey of employees from several

large real estate agencies: agents complained that in more than 50% of cases, when exchanging paper business cards with a client (buyer), information from a paper business card is not transferred to the notebook of the buyer's smartphone. As a result, the agent calls the client, and his number is determined by the operator as "undesirable" or "advertising". The agent simply can't get through to his clients. The corporate version of electronic business cards "vCard Shopping Online" is an excellent choice in such a situation. After switching to electronic business cards for agents, the number of agent calls by the client increased by almost 50%, which led to an increase in successfully completed transactions.

It is impossible to forget an electronic business card. They will never end

Our smartphones are probably the only thing, except for the keys to the apartment, which no one ever forgets. So having a business card in your smartphone is the most reliable. In the phone, electronic business cards will always be at hand and will not be forgotten. And you won't have to print business cards anymore. And if something has changed (position, contact information, or you have started running a social network and plan to share information with potential business partners or clients in it), you will immediately add a link to the social network to the electronic business card, where your new friends can easily add it. The possibilities of electronic business cards are endless!

Contactless exchange of information when working online

Online meetings and virtual events are becoming the new norm, and virtual business cards are becoming an integral part of everyday life. Electronic business cards are indispensable when working online - just send a link by email, add QR business cards to the signature (the client can easily save your contact when receiving a letter by simply pointing the smartphone camera at the QR code of the business card or clicking on the link) or send a link to the business card in the messenger.

During a Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Meet call, add the QR code of the business card to the conference background. Anyone present will be able to scan your code and get instant access to your business card.

During a pandemic, an electronic business card is a safe, contactless way to quickly and conveniently share contacts. When the COVID era is over and face-to-face meetings are gaining momentum, digital business cards will remain.